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Click here to see 2013 accounts and minutes for A.G.M. which took place in Januray 2014...

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9 January 2014, London Boat Show – TV personality and sailor, Nick Knowles and Shipping Minister, Stephen Hammond MP endorse new safety initiative from the RYA, the national body for leisure boating.

A key element of the initiative is the issue of an annual Safety Advisory Notice – a clear, easily accessible digest of current, critical safety issues.

This is the first safety awareness publication of its kind for the leisure boating community and will build on the RYA’s existing structure for offering advice on safety. The Notice will be circulated to a broad range of water users.

Click here to see more about... Nominations open for the new RYA Regional Youth Champion Awards... 

The RYA is turning the spotlight on 2013’s most promising young sailors, windsurfers and powerboaters by launching the new RYA Regional Youth Champion Awards.

Lowest barometric pressure for 127 years... see more here...

UHI Mahara

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The RYA Foundation has been formed with the objective of making boating more accessible to everyone, regardless of circumstance.

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Click here to see more about... Code of Conduct for harbour directions published ...

The Code of Conduct for Harbour Directions has now been published, together with supplementary guidance, in readiness for the first tranche of applications for designation by harbour authorities which is expected in spring 2014.  

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Some of you may be aware of the development and marketing of hand-held non-pyrotechnic devices or Electronic Visual Distress Signals (EVDS) that are being offered as alternatives to pyrotechnic flares.

Pyrotechnic flares are one of a number of methods specified in COLREG Annex IV that can be used or exhibited either together or separately to indicate distress and need of assistance.

Many boaters now buy EVDS - so called “laser flares” - as an alternative to hand held pyrotechnic flares because of cost, safety and ease of testing and disposal.

See more... Atlantic Array wind farm dropped by developer...

Plans for a huge wind farm off the north Devon coast have been shelved.

Developer RWE Innogy is pulling the plug on the 240-turbine Atlantic Array project, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) told the BBC.

The scheme, which had not yet received the go-ahead, had attracted criticism, with environmentalists worried about its impact on marine wildlife in the Bristol Channel.

RWE Innogy said it was "not the right time" for the project.

Atlantic Array


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