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My Favourite Anchorage in the Bristol Channel... is Swanbridge Bay in a deep pool behind Sully Island... You can see it on Google maps... Just go to the pilotage page on this site you can see the pool connecting to the entrance channel which is dredged regularly by mother nature... This anchorage is good in Westerlies up to say half flood...


Hundreds of people lined Ilfracombe Harbour to greet the town’s brand new RNLI lifeboat, the Shannon class The Barry and Peggy High Foundation. The amount of support shown made an exciting day even more emotional for Ilfracombe RNLI’s volunteers.


Atlantic college

UWC Atlantic college is pleased to announce that we will be awarded the prestigious Engineering Heritage Award from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) for the design of the RIB, the building, testing, refining by the staff and students of the college, the gift of the patent to the RNLI for the humanitarian saving of lives and the global contribution to rescue, recreational and commercial marine activity. 

A key element is the restoration, exhibition and use of the original RIB ‘Naomi’, and the implementation of the Tsunami Rescue Boat Project that we are currently involved in.

Previous winners have been Tower Bridge – London, The Channel Tunnel, The Bessemer Converter, The Bletchley Park Bombe, The Jaguar E Type, Concorde among other amazing pieces.

A red plaque will be awarded that will be displayed at the seafront on the boathouse, next to Naomi, and the formal presentation of the award by the Institution will take place in coming months.  We are grateful to the Institution for this award and know that this is tremendous recognition to all who have worked on the boats over the last 53 years. 

Oceanographer Dr Rob Kirby argues that high silt levels in the Severn Estuary reduce the viability of proposed large tidal lagoons for power generation...


Engineering projects intimately linked to the high sediment load in the Severn, already at a low point, have plummeted even further with recent announcements of plans for large tidal lagoons in Bridgwater Bay and in Cardiff Bay, extending towards Newport.

An illustration showing how the kite-turbines would operate under the surface of sea water in Holyhead Deep, off the coast of noth Wales.

It has been said that the first rule of boating is, “Approach the dock at the speed at which you are prepared to hit it.”


Great rule! But, before we hit the dock, just how do we plan and maneuver to get there? Here are some tips that will make docking, if not a thing of beauty, at least not a memorable event.

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50th anniversary Golden Globe Race to set sail from Falmouth in 2018

Wednesday April 22nd 2015, Author: Barry Pickthall, Location: United Kingdom

To mark the 50th anniversary of the first solo non-stop circumnavigation under sail achieved by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston during the 1968/9 Sunday Times Golden Globe Yacht Race, a new Golden Globe Race is set to start from Falmouth UK on 14 June 2018 – the same day that Knox-Johnston set out on his epic voyage 50 years before.

The announcement today is significant, marking the 46th anniversary of Robin’s victorious return to Falmouth in 1969, as the sole finisher in the original Sunday Times event.


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