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BCYA Blue Book Cruiser Challenge 2015

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The BCYA Blue Book Cruiser Challenge (BBCC) 2014 will be awarded at the BCYA AGM to be held at Barry YC on 18th January 2015. The winner will be the one who has collected the most points by visiting places and clubs featured in the BCYA Blue Book. Bonus points are awarded to those who have attended 'special' events such as the BCYA rallies, BCYA club regattas, The PCC Holms Race, and the IYC Round Lundy Race. Extra bonus points are awarded for being placed in special races. Full details are on the BCYA website at:

Entries for the Challenge will be accepted up to 2nd December 2014 by email to


Dave Cushing - BCYA Sailing Secretary

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The BCYA Travellers Trophy is a new annual trophy to be competed for by dinghy sailors are members of SailingClubs affiliated to the BCYA. The purpose of the trophy is to provide an incentive for increased support for the Open Meetings held by dinghy sailing clubs around the Bristol Channel and provide a new impetus to inter-club activities.

BCYA members will be aware that there are a number of activities arranged by the BCYA for cruising yachtsmen such as the annual Welsh and English Rallies. It is hoped that this trophy will provide a similar focus for the dinghy sailing community.

The Travellers Trophy is an individual trophy. It replaces the BCYA inter-club team racing challenge trophy, last sailed for in about 2005, support for which had dwindled to only two clubs taking part. Your support is essential for the success of this new trophy.

1. Entry is open to members of any Sailing Club affiliated to the BCYA. The Club must have paid the affiliation fee for the appropriate year. Entry details are on the BCYA Web Site.

2. Qualification will be for the Helmsperson only. Crews may be changed for qualifying races.

3. Qualifying races must be sailed in a dinghy which may be single or multi-handed and single or multi-hulled. However, to qualify for a position in any event the dinghy must comply with the rules governing entry qualification applied locally by the organising Club for each open meeting. (This may include limits on such factors as length, PY range, single /multi-hull).

4. Qualifying races are those dinghy open meetings listed in the BCYA sailing calendar published on the BCYA website for affiliated Clubs and identified on the calendar as a BCYATT event.

5. To qualify a helmsperson must compete in a minimum of three qualifying open meetings at least one of which must be on the opposite side of the Bristol Channel to the helmsperson's Home Club and only one at the Home Club.

6. The results will be scored on the final position of each qualifying helmsperson relative to other qualifying helms at each qualifying open meeting (not on the actual finishing position) for the three best qualifying results. One point will be awarded per position. In the case of a tie the award will be calculated on the basis of positions in additional qualifying meetings attended. The decision of the BCYA Committee will be final.

B.C.Y.A. Handbook

The latest edition of the "Bristol Channel Handbook"
affectionately known as ‘The Blue Book’ is available now...

Wholesale price... £8.00.    Retail price... £12.00.

It's the latest Guide to harbours, anchorages and yacht clubs In the Bristol Channel
(Ideal as a Xmas or birthday present)

The ‘Blue Book’ is available at Force 4 Chandlery in Cardiff,
Swansea, Bristol and Watchet Marina.

Or direct from...  E:-    T:- 01453 811021.
Handbook updates...  Just click: "B.C.Y.A. Handbook & updates" on the top navigation bar.

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A free display stand is available which holds 12 books,
(a convienent size for counter tops, bars etc.)

Supplied full, on the basis that there is no initial cost,
we call periodically, count the books on the stand,
top it up to 24 and invoice for the number of books sold.

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Looking after the interests of all Bristol Channel boaters. Please visit our web site where you will find much  useful information on the Bristol Channel    postcard_launch.pdf


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Dear Gordon

I am writing as I wanted to ensure that you are fully up to date on the latest developments for Tidal Lagoon Cardiff and to ensure you are fully aware of our plans for future engagement with marine users in the Severn Estuary...

As an update, over the course of the last two years we have been working hard on the evolution of the Cardiff tidal lagoon designs.   We have held a considerable amount of early engagement meetings aiming to inform stakeholders of the early designs for Tidal Lagoon Cardiff and provide us with a chance to gather early feedback and evidence about potential impacts and opportunities. Your feedback at these early engagement meetings was very valuable and please be assured that it has been passed to our environmental as well as engineering and design teams for review.   The below summaries some of the work that has beentaking place:    

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